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Goodbye, GuildPortal...

Treeshadow, Nov 19, 15 3:57 AM.
I was surprised by the sudden news of this closure, but not that surprised. This site has been outdated for a very long time now. And as others admins on the GuildPortal forums have mentioned, there has been a lack of support. 

I created this site for the Fellowship of Teldrassil back in 2009, when I was going through a very low point in my life. But the community I found in World of Warcraft, in this guild, helped me get through it. And GuildPortal was a major part of that. This guild has gone through so many changes since then, and GuildPortal in a way has served to chronicle that existence, through the various member applications, screen shots, member photos, forums posts, RP stories... It saddens me in a way to think that the repository of the history of our little guild community is going away. 

So even though GuildPortal may not have been the most perfect or beautiful hosting site, I choose to remember it as the facilitator of friendships and memories it has become for me. 

Here's to you, GuildPortal. A fond farewell. *raises a cup of moonberry juice*


Raid Schedule for Warlords of Draenor

Treeshadow, Nov 9, 15 12:57 AM.
Greetings, raiders! Below you will find the raid schedule for the remainder of Warlords of Draenor for your convenience. It will be updated from time to time, so check it once in a while!

November '15:
  • Hellfire Citadel, Normal Progression: We will continue our assault against Hellfire Citadel until Archimonde has fallen! Hopefully this will be done before Thanksgiving, so that we can all stuff our faces as a just reward!
  • Hellfire Citadel, Normal Farming: Once Archimonde is defeated, we'll farm on Normal for about 3 weeks to get everyone as much tier gear as possible so we are prepared for Heroic mode!
  • Thanksgiving Weekend, 11-29: No official raid, but some of us will get together for alternative group content. More details to come!
    December '15:
    • Hellfire Citadel, Heroic Progression: We begin our assault for enduring fame and epic gear!
    • Christmas Weekend, 12-27: Most likely another non-raid group content day. More details to come!
    January to September '16: 
    • Old Content: Once we complete Heroic HFC, we might try the WoD heroic modes we never did! Or Pandaria dungeons! Or world bosses! Or raid achievements! The possibilities are endless! Keepin' it together and having fun until Legion arrives!

    RAID: Rule Changes (Updated 11/11/15)

    Treeshadow, Jul 26, 15 3:25 PM.
    • Tanks and DPS get geared first, with Main Tank getting priority between the Tanks. This is to help ensure the Tanks are more resilient and the bosses die quicker in order to take pressure (i.e. mana cost) off the Healers.
    • To better manage the most effective distribution of gear, we will openly discuss which members can benefit the most from a gear drop, thus ensuring the Raid as a whole will benefit the most. Raid and Guild Leaders have final say on loot distribution. Though depending on need and circumstance, we may use other loot methods, such as Personal Loot (especially in the case of PUGS).
    • All suggestions are welcome, but the Raid and Guild Leaders have final call on all raid matters. Only the Raid Leaders will setup and execute strategies, unless they have designated others to do so. 
    • In the case of fill-ins (guildies, friends, or PUGs), they always get a chance to roll on loot (unless we're doing Personal Loot). But especially when it comes to guildies, it is encouraged to only roll on pieces that are actually needed by the character. 
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